Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SPF and Summer

It's almost summer. In fact, if you listen to Big M, it is summer. Whatever. We've already hit triple digits here. And my sunblock is as much a part of me, as breathing. I'm not lying! Here's a quick run down...

I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense for Sensitive skin. It has an SPF of 50. And I use it for my neck and face every single day! It's a moisturizer. And even on those days that I don't wear makeup, I use this.

I also use this Neautrogena product every single day. You see, I have sensitive skin. That burns extremely fast. And it's painful. So in the morning, I slap on some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer in SPF 85. Yes, SPF 85 baby!

The last sunblock that I use is Bull Frog Sport in SPF 50. I've used this since my cheerleading days. When we would bake in the sun during our "3 a days." It was horrible! But this sunblock, helped to make it a little more bearable. And because it is a Sport Sunblock, it is sweat and waterproof. And we even applied it to our cracks. Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about our hair parts from our silly double french braids. Yes, your scalp gets burnt too!

And with all sunblocks, you need to reapply. The 1st one, well it's good all day. Under makeup. But if you're sweating and playing in the water, I would reapply. At least once every 90 minutes. The body sunblocks, definitely you need to reapply every 90 minutes!

I use the Bullfrog when I'm doing yard work, or working out outside. You know, when you're sweating. Another great product that Bullfrog makes is a bug repellent sunblock. Good stuff! Don't forget your sunblock. Especially if you're as white as I am! And try and eat some tomatoes every day. They're "Nature's Sunblock." :) ♫

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