Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes We Can!!!

If you are frustrated with government and all that jazz, get up and vote. Yes, go vote! I don't belong to a party. I made that decision almost 9 years ago. I grew up in a "Democratic" state. And in a "Republican" home. Politics were always around me. Always! My parents liked to do things with their party. Like going door to door spreading the word about their politicians. Yes, I spent many, many days in political rallies and such.

But today, today is about voting. About getting out and making a change. Take a few minutes out and go vote. Yes, go vote! I did. And if I was able to vote, everyone should be able. Honestly, I sat in the corner and coughed the entire time I voted. Was so unattractive. But I HAD to vote!

I voted for people that I believe in. Some that I actually know personally. But people that have the same beliefs, morals, and values as me. I'm ready. Ready for change in my state and country. We'll find out tonight what's going to happen. But I'm hopeful. ♫

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