Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weird Dreams

I've been having the most insane dreams for weeks now. And because I'm not feeling well, I think they're becoming more insane. I finally fell asleep sometime before 10AM. I know J is trying to be quiet. Which is insane. This is his house. And it's ginormous! He could have a party on one side, and I'd never hear a thing!

Anyway, I got about 2 hours worth of sleep. And I woke up, suddenly, and completely sweaty. Ugh! But the dream was so weird. We'll just say it was about a guy we'll call "Cowboy."

I was a teacher. In a school downtown. Where? I have no clue. Maybe my hometown? I lived in a apartment building about 2-3 blocks from the school. Because I would walk to work every day. My apartment was small. A typical "city" apartment. And my parents lived across the street from me. In a ginormous penthouse apartment.

So here I am, going to work. I'm teaching little kids. Maybe 1st graders? And I really like my job. Then boom! I'm 9 months pregnant. And I'm married to "Cowboy."

*So I know this person in real life. But we're not close. We know each other because of other people. We've maybe talked briefly, twice in the last 2 years.*

Anyway, we're married. And happy. In our little apartment. He has some kind of good job, because he has to wear a suit to work every single day. So at this point, I'm not working. But I get up early to iron his clothes and make him breakfast. Hello! 1950's housewife at your service. :)

On this one particular day, he doesn't want to go to work. But I insist. I'm OK. The baby is not coming anytime soon. And I make plans to go shopping with my Mom and my Auntie. Completely out there. Since I haven't seen my Auntie in months! I know, we talked briefly last week. But we've never done anything like this.

Somehow, we end up at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Um, that's a good hour from where I live. But we end up there. And we have this delicious meal. And I go into labor. Somehow my Cowboy husband makes it on time for the birth of our baby. We had a girl. And when we go home a few days later, we live in the middle of the nearby mountains.

It's beautiful. The house is ginormous. And it's so peaceful. Everything is perfect. All the things I have been dreaming about doing to my own house, this house had. It was such a weird dream. I woke up when we put our little girl to sleep.

It was such a weird dream. But I've been having lots of dreams recently about pregnancy. Is my body screaming at me? Telling me that the clock is ticking? I don't know. But um, it ain't happening anytime soon.

I'm not feeling any better from my earlier post. In fact, I know have bright red cheeks. And I feel so hot. But I don't have a temperature. And, I feel a lot weaker. I think I'm just going to stay here. In this nice white and comfy bed. I also feel safer. Knowing that someone is here. Because I'm still having issues breathing. I know, I should go to the doctor already... ♫

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