Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crafty Ideas

I've seen wreaths like this, all over "Blogland!" All over. With so many different color pallets. And I want to make one. First things first, you should know, I change my door wreaths every 2 weeks! Yes, I'm one of "those people!" :)

But there is something fun, vintage inspired, and unique about these wreaths. And let's be honest here, I don't need to buy much to make one. I have the yarn. Believe me. I have plenty of yarn! And tons of felt! All I need is the wreath form.

I'm thinking one in a more pleasing and neutral pallet. Maybe various shades of white. No bead. Just yarn and felt flowers. That sounds so nice. I better pack my felt. I can make tons of these flowers while I'm in Tucson! ♫

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