Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Perfection

We happened to have a little "Princess Party" in my hotel room this morning. Being that some of my Goddaughters, and many of my favorite little girls are here, we decided to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

A was a great help in that. Of course all the girls were dressed to the nines! They had all of their princess gear on. Because what princess leaves home without all of their princess attire? Not these little ones.

We also made sure, that all these girls took a nap. A LONG nap. Last night. You know, while us grown ups were working. So bright and early this morning, they were up. A was setting up a tea party for them. And we had tons of yummy food. I'm telling you, A is a catch! Any single ladies looking for a good man?

We watched all the coverage. I stayed with the girls. As the rest of the group headed to teach classes. After 5 hours of Royal Wedding coverage, I'm pretty sure A was ready to go work! :) But we had a blast!

"Nana, the princess is pretty. But she doesn't look as beautiful as I thought. How come?" The things that come out of the mouths of babes. :) I think they really thought Kate was going to be like their favorite fairy tale princesses.

My take on the whole affair. I think Kate looked amazing! I loved her dress. The top half, it was just gorgeous. And the veil. So simple and elegant. I love the grandeur of the British Royalty. But the simplicity that Kate and William wanted for their wedding.

What a fun morning we had! Tons of little girls, tutus, tiaras, tea, yummy food, princesses, and flowers. What better way to start a Friday! But now folks, I need to get ready for work. We have rehearsal in just over an hour. Happy Friday! ♫

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