Monday, March 21, 2011


Woo hoo! We made it. I've been blogging for a year! I can't believe it. Thanks to all the people who actually read my posts. It means so much. And I really do appreciate all the e-mails I get.

So I was trying to figure out what to blog about today. Not only is it this blog's 1st Anniversary, but it's also my 28th birthday. :) Yay! I decided I'd post a list of 28 things, for 28 years, that you probably don't know about me. Here goes nothing...

♥ Key Lime Pie is my favorite pie ever!
♥ I don't know how to swim.
♥ Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Because I go to church, have "Pancake Sundays," and watch NASCAR races. Best day ever! :)
♥ I secretly dream of being a "Housewife" and "Stay-at-Home Mommy."
♥ I can easily turn a watermelon into an "Agua de Sandia." And drink the whole thing. All in the same day!
♥ Anything with polka dots, makes me smile.
♥ When I need to relax and think things through, I go for a run. A long run. At least 5 miles, cross country.
♥ I paint the entire interior of my house. At least once a year. Usually in the same colors. :)
♥ I could live in pj bottoms, knee high socks, and Hanes tank tops. So comfy! Too bad I have to leave the house.
♥ I HATE feet! I just can't stand to look at them. Including my own.
♥ One day I found these candy bars. And I fell in love. So much so, I bought 2 cases from the Dollar Tree. And froze them. Good thing too! They stopped making them. And that makes me sad.
♥ I secretly count down the days, until the next episode of Teen Mom.
♥ I cheer for the bulls, not the bull riders, in the PBR.
♥ I can't sleep, without hugging something. Like a pillow. I'm not joking!
♥ In every room in my house, I have a calendar.
♥ I get excited to buy seeds, bulbs, and plants.
♥ Until I was 18, I had no clue how to do laundry. I had absolutely no clue, how to work a washing machine. I'm not lying!
♥ At Easter time, I buy boxes of Dove Truffle Eggs. They're a little piece of heaven. And I anxiously wait for them to come out, every single year!
♥ I've worn the same toe ring, since I was a sophomore in high school. I've never taken it off. Is that odd?
♥ I secretly LOVE Lonesome Dove!
♥ Sweet Potato Fries are AMAZING!
♥ I've always wanted my own library. In my house. Because I love books, and reading that much!
Little Dorrit is one of my favorite PBS shows. Yes, I LOVE PBS. And so many of their shows.
♥ I LOVE going to the Dentist! I don't know why. But I get so excited when I go. :)
♥ My sister bought me this set of books when I was 7 years old. I've read them so many times. And eventually got hooked on the PBS series too!
♥ I once worked here. For nearly a year. It was interesting...
♥ One of my favorite treats is COSTCO pizza and the berry smoothies.
♥ I like to eat lunch at the graveyard. Yes, I take my lunch, to my families' graves. And just hangout with them. :)

There you go. Did you learn anything new? I know, I'm a little weird. But I'm me. And I'm 100% OK with that. Now I'm off to enjoy mi cumpleanos! ♫

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