Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Dear Bougainvillea

A few years ago, I found Barbara Karst Bougainvillea on clearance. A gallon sized bucket, which had been $25, was now $3. Why? I don't know. It was dead. Or dying. I just think the stock was changing at Wal-Mart. It was still hot out here, but Halloween decorations and school supplies were taking over.

I bought 7. I know. It seems extreme. But with the size of my yard, either you go big...or you just go home. So I planted them. In the backyard. On the west fence. I thought it would add to my "tropical" vision. I wanted my backyard to have an "exotic" feel to it.

Vibrant pink flowers were taking over. These plants grew so well! Taking over the fence. Even my neighbor commented on how pretty the looked. I was so happy! These plants were amazing climbers. And added a bit of "privacy" to my backyard. A total bonus!

I also picked up an orange variety. I have no clue what it's "real name" is. But it was gorgeous. More of a peach color. And I planted next to the gate, leading to my backyard. It grew nicely. Not overtaking the space. But adding a nice "pop" of color.

Well, around here, most people landscape with more "tropical" plants. It's more common to see palm trees, than it is to see pine trees. And we're more than cool with that. Until we get snow.

That would be 2 years in a row. Lots of snow! My backyard had almost 2 feet of snow in it! That was February. When our temperatures loomed under 0*F. We were not happy. Not me. Not my town. Not the surrounding area.

So many plants and trees died. Costing this city, and our neighboring city way too much money. HUGE palm trees, are now having to be replaced. As for me, my dear plants have died. I have little hope for their return.

A bit dramatic? I think not! Any and all tropical plants that I had, are pretty much dead. I've been diligently watering. But I'm almost 100% sure they are not coming back. It's a sad situation really. Last summer, they were so pretty!

But I will not let that get me down. No sir! I will keep my eyes open. Looking for another good deal. Hoping that I can find a few bougainvilleas. Maybe some hydrangeas. Anything to add to my yard. It's going to be a long process to figure out what survived our tough winter, and what didn't. ♫

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