Saturday, July 9, 2011

Paradise in the Desert...

Ol' Blue Eyes lives in the SE. But for the last year or so, he's been spending a lot of time, here. In the SW. For half the week, he hangs out with the band and I. Just hanging out. Enjoying our little town. Helping the guy move hay. And stuffing payroll envelopes with me.

On Monday, he bought a new house. Here! OK, not just a house. But an entire farm! With a working orchard. HUGE business! And he just bought it. Like he was buying a soda. Because he wants a place to just "relax and hangout." Seriously?!?!?!

OK, so I couldn't resist the offer. He called and invited me over, to see his new place. I went over on Tuesday, after work. GORGEOUS! This house, it's amazing. Dude can barely cook. And he has 2 gourmet kitchens. Did I mention the outdoor kitchen? How about the 7 bedrooms? 10 bathrooms. Ginormous windows. There's also a couple hundred acres of property.

But hold your horses! What about the "Guest House?" It's bigger than my home! And the tree lined driveway. Man, this place is amazing. Did I mention...this is just his home to "hangout" in? Oh, and there is a gorgeous swimming pool.

So I don't know how to swim. But it didn't stop me. I sat poolside all afternoon. Laughing and enjoying the company of my friend. Talking about our futures. What we like to do in our "down time." Just enjoying the warm weather.

That evening, we enjoyed some BBQ. Sat on the floor, watching TV. Enjoying Combat Hospital. And some frozen fruit. It just cracks me up. Only in a "Man's World," does someone buy a house, and then a TV. Furniture, curtains, dishes...never even crossed his mind. :)

At the end of the evening, 'Ol Blue Eyes, asked me to decorate his house. No budget. He's seen what I've done for J. How I've decorated 3 of his homes. And we're working on a 4th. From the ground up. So I've got me a new job. Decorating Ol' Blue Eyes' new home.

I can see myself, and the band spending lots of time there. Just hanging out. Perhaps practicing for gigs. Or maybe just enjoying a meal and some poker. Yes, we are a "Texas Hold 'Em" kind of a group.

So now that I'm going to be spending some serious time at Ol' Blue Eyes' new home, maybe I'll learn how to swim. He's offered to teach me. This man has enjoyed water and swimming all of his life. Me? I'm more of a "Dangle my feet in the water" kind of a gal. So let's see.

But you can't deny it. Our friend got an incredible deal. Funny how he finds our town as an oasis. To just get away from life. Probably because very few people around here, recognize him. And he gets to live a "normal life." But seriously, his home is amazing!

It doesn't hurt that the place feels like "Heaven on Earth." That his "farm" is more like a piece of paradise, than a piece of desert property. Now, I just need to find the perfect furnishings. It's nice to have an unlimited budget. I'm drooling at all the possibilities! ♫

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