Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sugar and Spice #28


♥4th of July fun!
♥Hanging out with the Hospital Kiddos for the holiday.
♥Fun DJs.
♥Amazing celebrities, who don't forget the "little people."
♥Steal Magnolia. Love that group! And their music.
♥Great deals on flower bulbs. Seriously made my week. I can't wait to plant them. :)
♥Amazing lyrics, that really mean something.
♥Fun fireworks.
♥The best co-workers you could ask for. We have a tough job. So it's nice to have amazing people to work with.
♥Lots of new baby boys. They're all coming soon. I can't wait to meet them!
♥Meeting family you never knew about.
♥My yard finally looking good. I work so hard at it. It's nice to see all my hard work paying off.
♥Hanging with 'Ol Blue Eyes. His new beautiful home! And spending lots of time with my friend.
♥Spending lots of time with my "Wanna Be In-Laws." It really was nice. They are such great people!
♥Fun meals. With lots of laughter. And really good food.
♥Watching "I Love Lucy," at odd ball hours.
♥Amazing people like Jaycee Dugar.
♥Talking with Mi Princesa and her sisters. They're having a blast on vacation. I'm so glad!
♥Hanging out with this guy all weekend! He just makes my heart sing. In all the right ways!
♥Mariachi Music.
♥Fun neighbors.
♥Celebrating birthdays.
♥Watching the flowers and birds. God is great. And nature is our proof.
♥Dancing the night away. With this guy. Even I have to admit it, we go together like "Peas and Carrots." :)
♥Little souls like Caylee Anthony. May she rest in peace. She deserved so much better.
♥Did I mention...great friends!


★Mean people...
★HOT, HOT, HOT days!
★Missing holidays with mi familia.
★The Incredible Hulk getting the boot from RTV.
★This heat. It's honestly killing me. And all my plants!
★Watching kiddos suffer.
★Casey Anthony's trial. There are no words to describe it. I'm speechless.
★This week's Friday Fill-Ins. Seriously! I wasn't feeling them.
★Never spending time, with amazing family members. That I knew nothing about. Until it was too late.
★Lots of family drama. I'm so over it. And completely exhausted because of it.
★Crazy musicians. Seriously, they need to get a life. It's not all about them.
★Weird family members.
★Dishonest people.
★Losing touch with the people I love.

It's been a crazy week. So incredibly busy! With too much drama for my liking. But amazing people, like this guy and his family, make life worth living. And I'm going to hang on to that. Knowing that God only gives us, as much as we can handle. He also sends us people, to make it all worth while. God has a way of making life good, no matter how much bad is coming at us. I'm happy to see last week behind me. And I'm anxious for the new week ahead. Filled with promise. Happy Sunday! ♫

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