Monday, April 12, 2010


What am I doing today? I'm working with N. N is the photographer that we've been working with for years! Bless M's heart. She just had her twins on March 21st. And this morning when I got to J's house, she was here. Waiting to do my hair and makeup. B needs to buy her a diamond just for that!

C is here too. She is our stylist and is here steaming all of my clothes. Both bosses are here. Along with the band. Which I have to say, these guys suck! I say it every single time that we do this. Because half of the group is asleep. The other half is having breakfast. I'm sitting here. Having my hair and makeup done. It's not even 3:30AM!

It's going to be a long day. And it's cold outside. Soon, I'll be in some tank top and this cute jean skirt. With cowboy boots, of course! Climbing a ladder to get on top of a barn. Because N has this obsession getting pictures as the sun rises. OMG! I'm not good with heights.

The tractors are out. And the ATVs. We have tons of clothes for today. And I'm quite excited! I'm down in weight. Just above 100 lbs! But I'm still not 100% comfortable with the whole bikini and boots pictures. Especially when I see 5 different bikinis hanging up. Ugh! By the way, these cold temps and bikinis don't go so well together. Not at all!

I'm sitting here falling asleep. I'm tired! And M is working hard on my hair. Poor woman, she has her work cut out for her. C is working hard with the steamer. N and the bosses are talking. I can tell it's going to be a long day! Because N has his notebook out. Taking a ton of notes. Oh my! This is what we do to get ready for shows.

So far, the shots include the band standing on top of the big red barn. I might just die thinking about it! Then there are shots on tractors. Like J driving it, and me sitting in the bucket of it. Scary, but fun! We have things planned in the fields. Some fun in a sports car. And we're ending with us riding ATVs through the mud. Who knows what else we'll do...

But I do see some fun costumes. And I'm thinking we're going to shoot some things at the old west town. Yes, J has an old Wild West Town on his property. And the Barmaid/Can-Can costume is a good clue to all of that madness. I just I hope I survive the day!

Well, I should go. M has a lot of work ahead of her. Besides the hair, she still has my makeup to do. And oh ya, we've got to be on the roof of the big red barn before sunrise. I'm scared out of my mind! But this is just the beginning to our gigs. ♫

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