Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Fall Beauty Trends

On the plane ride home this week, I read this article. There are lots of great products that they talk about. And I had to almost laugh, because lots of these colors, I already wear. So here is my list of favorites, based on the article.

1. Rosy Red Lips: MAC's Russian Red

I've been using this for years! Love it! It's just a nice red lipstick.

2. Stormy Nails: China Glaze in Avalanche and VIII

Avalanche is a grey, silvery color. And VIII is a dark purple. Both are amazing!

3. Blunt Bangs: I have long, side swept bangs.

Blunt bangs aren't for me. My face shape just doesn't go with blunt bangs. I usually don't have bangs either. But I did have long, side swept bangs cut a few weeks ago. :)

4. Natural Skin: Neutrogena Healthy Defense for Sensitive Skin, SPF 50

I always have natural skin. I can't tan. And I think faux tanners look ridiculous!

5. Pink, Cheery Cheeks: MAC's Dollymix

This is just a great color for me. It's the best color out there! It just goes well with my complexion.

6. Beautiful Bun: Bobby pins, a ponytail elastic, and Dove's Non Aerosol Hairspray.

I wear buns a lot for Mariachi. But I like to have a deep, side part. I pretty much put my hair in a low ponytail. And then pin my bun in place. Spray with a little hairspray, and I'm good to go. Just to add a note, I've tried all those new pins for buns, honestly, the bobby pins work better.

7. Natural, Lush Lashes: Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Waterproof Mascara

I know that they don't sell Max Factor anymore in the USA. But this is the best mascara. It lengthens, and volumizes your lashes. And your lashes look amazing! I've tried lots of different mascaras, both high end and drugstore. But I bought a few before they stopped selling them. OK, like 12 tubes. But you can still find them on various websites. Or you could do a swap with someone from the UK.

8. Defined Brows: A good brow waxer and Revlon's Expert Slant Tweezers.

I get my brows waxed pretty regularly. I have to. Because they're pretty thick. Not in uni brow style. But in my eyebrows are long across my face. They go down pretty far. And they are thick as in my brows extended well into my eyelid. I say to get a good brow shaper because I had a horrible experience with a bad one. And I had 2 brows that didn't even look similar. Now I actually go to my friend and MUA for a good wax. And I have the Revlon Tweezers for the occasional stray hair. They're better then the $40 pair of tweezers that I got as a gift.

9. Bold and Crazy Shadow: Urban Decay Hearts NYC Book of Shadows III

There are so many amazing colors in this set. If you don't have a lot of eye shadows, this would be a good investment. I got mine as a gift. And when I checked online, they're not out yet. But keep your eyes open. They should be out in the next few weeks.

10. Textured Waves: Dove's Spray, Leave-in Conditioner and Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly, Finishing Touch Cream.

First off, I should say that I have naturally textured hair. And for the last 6 months or so, I've finally embraced it. My hair is more than wavy, but less than curly. So I use the Dove spray and Herbal Essences cream. The Dove spray is a little hard to find recently. I'm not sure if they're discontinuing it. Or if the stores are just not stocking it. Who knows. Lots of the shelves recently are pretty empty. But I just spray the Dove in my hair, tousle my hair and add the cream. When my hair dries, it's just perfect!

As you can see, I've been wearing lots of these products already. My look is pretty simple. And once I find a look or style that I enjoy, well it just sticks. I've collected lots of these things over time. As to not break the bank. But you can find similar products at the drugstore. And I never feel like I have to wear certain colors during only certain times of the year. Just have fun with it. ♫

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