Thursday, September 16, 2010

El Grito

Yes, I'm working all day today. Performing. For "El Grito." Or Mexico's Independence Day. It's a HUGE one too! It's their bicentennial.

Even with all the violence across the border, there is a HUGE celebration planned. And we're working it. Lots of gigs. As in, I don't expect to go home at all! We're leaving for the airport after our last show. At 3AM!

But these are always fun events. We're playing it safe. And staying on the USA side of the border. But we have a mass amount of gigs planned. I'm perfectly fine with that! I need the money for school. I just hope that people go to have fun. And not be stupid.

So folks, I'm going to be performing. Lots of playing, singing, and dancing. But I'm happy to do it. And to be able to be around my friends all day long. There are so many reasons why I love Mariachi. This is just one of them. Now it's time to hit the road...south I go. ♫

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