Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sugar and Spice #23


♥Amazing friends!
♥K's help in getting ready for today.
♥GREAT finishes to NASCAR races!
♥Summer fruit. :)
♥Yummy hamburgers...3 hours after the party.
♥Seeing lots of old friends.
♥Having old friends drop everything, last minute, to come to the party.
♥My aunt and uncle. They are so cool. I'm glad we got to see them.
♥Seeing my cousins. We don't get to see each other often. And it was nice to catch up.
♥Cute babies. My niece is adorable! So is my little cousin J.
♥Fun aprons.
♥Unexpected nights at the casino. :)
♥Long phone calls with 'Ol Blue Eyes.
♥Finding lost treasures from my childhood.
♥Beautiful flowers.
♥The smell of clean laundry.
♥Fun BBQs.
♥Getting to see my older aunts and uncles. I'm glad they were able to come over. And that they're doing OK.
♥Trips to the Dollar Tree.
♥New graduates!


★My Tatie being sick.
★Rude employees at COSTCO.
★COSTCO closing early. Not being able to buy the last minute things that we needed for the party. And almost not getting our cake.
★Not getting to meet with my sister.
★Rude family.
★Not sleeping in 3 days! I'm so tired. I'm going to sleep until noon tomorrow!
★This awful smoke! When is it going away? It really is horrible.
★The crazy wind that picks up, in the late evenings.
★Lots of driving...
★Not eating today at the party. Not getting any baked beans. Or frijoles for that matter.
★Family drama.
★Being the cook. And not eating. That's not cool!
★The amount of pasta salad we have left to eat...
★The time going so quickly today.

It's been an incredibly long week! Today, just flew by. And I'm ready to sleep for a week! But it was all well worth it. I'm glad my niece enjoyed everything. And I hope the trip to Disney is a lot of fun. As for me, I'm going to finish my cheeseburger, and head to bed. Happy Sunday! ♫

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